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EMU Yeşilay Students Club Warns About Addiction

EMU Yeşilay Students Club Warns About Addiction
Published Date: Friday, 21 December 2018

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Yeşilay Students Club operating under the EMU social and Cultural Activities Directorate, warned about one of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ (TRNC) biggest growing social problems; addiction. EMU Yeşilay Students Club, formed by EMU Faculty of Dentistry students, emphasised that alcohol, cigarette, psychoactive substance, drug and other similar substance abuse is one of the leading global problems that affect all societies.

It was stated that tobacco, alcohol and other psychoactive substances and internet addiction start during adolescence or even childhood; and this creates major future problems both for the individuals and the society. As mentioned earlier, substance abuse during adolescence can cause addiction development, and propensity for crime and violence. This situation does not only affect human welfare. In the recent years, psychoactive substance abuse, corrupting societies, has a lower age range for beginners and has now spread among adolescents and even children.

In order to develop preventive programs in TRNC, research was conducted in the recent years to determine the frequency of psychoactive substance abuse in secondary schools, high schools, among university students and other adults. According to the 2015 TRNC narcotics report, an increase of substance addiction was highlighted; starting even from secondary education period and an urgent response was called for.

The statement emphasised on the importance of continuous and determined warnings to be made to university students from different countries and cultures and that their awareness on the subject should be enhanced in all stages of everyday life. EMU Yeşilay Students Club underlined their eagerness for collaborating with the public and all related parties for battling with this problem.