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  • The program has been developed within the framework of collaborative education and training scheme and will be conducted in collaboration with Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Dentistry and Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS), Faculty of Dentistry. The program has been envisioned upon common mission of providing state of art education in Dental Medicine with utmost international exposure. 
  • The DDM program is five years where the Pre-clinical Phase (Years 1&2) will be conducted by EMU in North Cyprus and the clinical phases (Years 3-5) will be conducted by IUMS in Tehran, Iran.
  • During the Preclinical studies, international students will have the opportunity to learn Farsi as this will be crucial in dentist-patient communication during the clinical phase. Clinical phase of the dental medicine will take place in Tehran, Iran by IUMS Faculty of Dentistry and its hospitals.
  •  The collaborative program aims to bring together education, research and patient care offering the students opportunity to be part of cutting-edge dental medicine research. The joint curriculum integrates basic science education and clinical instruction with community-based learning.